What are the definitions of AI along with two dimensions?

Think Humanly |Think Rationally |Acting Humanly |Acting Rationally

  • TH and TR — Thought Process
  • AH and AR —Behaviour
  • TH and AH — Human Performance
  • TR and AR — Ideal Performance (Rationally)

Acting Humanly (AH)- Turing Test Approach.

Turing Test
  • Posted by Turing in 1950.
  • A computer passes the test if human integrator, after some written questions, can not tell whether the written response came from person or from computer.
  • The computer need following capabilities —

🔹 Natural Language Processing

🔹 Knowledge Representation

🔹 Automated Reasoning

🔹 Machine Learning

  • Passing physical objects through hatch is also allowed. The computer additionally needs capabilities — computer vision and robotics.

Think Humanly — Cognitive Modelling Approach.

Thinking Humanly
  • We need to get inside the actual working of Human minds.

🌻 Introspection- Trying to catch our thoughts as they go by.

🌻 Psychological Experiments- observing a person in action.

🌻 Brain Imaging- observing the brain in action.

Think Rationally — Law of Thought Process.

Think Rationally
  • Right thinking, logic and patterns for argument structure.
  • There is two main problem —

🔥 It is not easy to take informal knowledge and state it in formal terms required by logical notation.

🔥 There is a big difference between solving a problem in principle and in practice.

Acting Rationally — Rational Agent Approach.

Act Rationally
  • Agent is something that acts.
  • All computers program do something but computes agents are expected to do something more. A rational agent is the one that acts so as it has to achieve something more.
  • There are also ways to act rationally that can not be said to involve inference . It is better than other approach mentioned above because

💦 It is more general approach.

💦 It is more better for scientific development (as it is more generalized, can lead to infinite possibilities).



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